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Robin Hood

Directed by: Otto Bathurst

Cinema program "Robin Hood" in Łódź

Cinema   Monday, 10 December
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Helios Sukcesja dub 11:10
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Movie poster Robin Hood: Początek
Original title: Robin Hood
Runtime: 116 min.
Production: USA , 2018
Category: action / adventure / thriller
Release Date: 29 November 2018
Distribution: Monolith

Directed by: Otto Bathurst
Cast: Taron Egerton, Eve Hewson, Jamie Foxx

Leonardo Di Caprio presents a completely new look at the figure of one of the most famous heroes of all time. Robin Hood grows here on the prototype of many modern superheroes.

Robin Hood is no longer a Sherwood robber but a warrior willing to challenge the powerful army and corrupt power.

A great adventure, full of adventures, great battle scenes and humor, the story of the birth of the legend of Robin of Sherwood. Seasoned in combat during the Crusades, Robin of Loxley returns to his homeland where he discovers that his castle has been plundered,
and the land confiscated by the greedy Sheriff of Nottingham. Worse, beloved Robin - beautiful Marion, by giving false faith about his death, married another man. Vengeful revenge and justice Robin decides to stand up for the oppressed residents of Nottingham. His companion and teacher is the former enemy of Little John. Soon a mysterious warrior appears in the city in the Saracen hood, which he chooses from the rich and distributes to the poor. It will soon turn out, however, that circumstances require larger scale operations, because the Sheriff and church dignitaries plan betrayal that may threaten the entire kingdom. Robin must therefore gather forces capable of fighting openly with the regular army.

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Average rate: 2.0
rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0
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