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Tony Halik

Directed by: Marcin Borchardt

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Movie poster Tony Halik
Original title: Tony Halik
Production: Polska , 2020
Distribution: Mayfly

Directed by: Marcin Borchardt

Who was Tony Halik? A traveler, journalist, filmmaker. His life adventures seem as improbable as the adventures of Indiana Jones. In the last decade of the Cold War, extremely popular television programs were proverbial for millions of Poles - "the only window to the world". Apart from Poland, practically unknown, in the 60-80s he appeared in some strange way everywhere in the world, where something important was happening. He knew everyone, he filmed everyone, everyone wanted to talk to him: Fidel Castro, Queen Elizabeth, Evita Peron, Richard Nixon.

Halik, as befits a seasoned storyteller, liked to color this and that in public. Today it is difficult to find out what of what he said really happened, and what is only the result of his unbridled imagination and sense of humor.

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