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War of the Planet of the Apes

In the third movie of the blockbuster series, which enjoys both viewers and critics, Cezar and his monkeys are embroiled in an armed conflict with an army of people headed by a ruthless colonel. The... more about movie

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28 July 2017

Film 13890 small 2
Atomic Blonde
Directed by: David Leitch
Cast: Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman
Category: action / mystery / thriller

Screening of Antony Johnston's cult iconic novel "The Coldest City."

Berlin, times of the Cold War. The British agent is flogged to communist Berlin to find his partner's killers and regain a list of... more

Film 13891 small 1
Karsten og Petra ut pa tur
Directed by: Arne Lindtner Naess
Cast: Oliver Dahl, Sigrun Enge, Janne Formoe
Category: family

After the school year, it is time for a holiday and a well deserved vacation. Mountains seem to be the perfect place - not only fresh air and wonderful views, but also a chance to experience many... more

Film 13892 small 1
Directed by: Ceyda Torun
Cast: Bulent Ustun
Category: documentary

Phenomenal documentary on the life of Istanbul cats, who is discovering the fascinating world seen from the feline perspective.

Istanbul is a city with an extraordinary history spanning thousands of... more

Film 13893 small 1
The Son of Bigfoot
Directed by: Jeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen
Cast: Cal Brunker, Joey Camen, Joe Thomas
Category: animation / comedy

Nobody saw them, but everyone heard about them. Yeti! And would you one day find out that you are one of them?

Adam is a regular, shy little teenager. One day he embarks on an expedition to find a... more

Film 13894 small 1
Wilde Maus
Directed by: Josef Hader
Cast: Georg Friedrich, Josef Hader, Jorg Hartmann
Category: comedy / crime / drama

Presented in the Main Competition at this year's Berlinale, a sweet-bitter story about middle-aged crisis. The picture is a brilliant directorial debut of esteemed actor, Josef Hader.

The film had a... more

Film 13895 small 1
War of the Planet of the Apes
Directed by: Matt Reeves
Cast: Judy Greer, Woody Harrelson, Andy Serkis
Category: action / adventure / drama

In the third movie of the blockbuster series, which enjoys both viewers and critics, Cezar and his monkeys are embroiled in an armed conflict with an army of people headed by a ruthless colonel. The... more

21 July 2017

Film 13883 small 1
21 x Nowy York
Directed by: Piotr Stasik
Category: documentary

Who are the real people traveling on the New York metro? Piotr Stasik directed the camera to 21 random people who emerged from the crowd of passengers. What do their intimate relationships look like?... more

Film 13884 small 1
Directed by: Philippe Lacheau
Cast: Philippe Lacheau, Elodie Fontan, Julien Arruti
Category: comedy

Do not lie ... we will do it for you! An intriguing comedy about a guy who's so rich in lies that he can no longer afford to be honest! One of the biggest French comedies of recent years!

Grega... more

Film 13885 small 2
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Cast: Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh
Category: action / drama / history

Dunkirk's War Drama begins with a scene where the enemy army surrounds hundreds of thousands of Britons and Allies. Imprisoned on the beach between the sea and the forces of the enemy must face the... more

Film 13886 small 1
Captain Underpants
Directed by: David Soren
Cast: Jordan Peele, Kevin Hart, Kristen Schaal
Category: action / animation / comedy

A crazy animated family comedy from DreamWork Animation studios, screening the hit record books popularity. The two extremely gifted students are endowed with incredible imagination. One day they pass... more

Film 13887 small 1
Paris Can Wait
Directed by: Eleanor Coppola
Cast: Diane Lane, Alec Baldwin, Arnaud Viard
Category: comedy / drama / romance

Beautiful, funny and touching story about discovering life anew. Full of excellent food and wine, an incredible journey that will allow you to soak up the magical corners of France with all your senses.... more

Film 13888 small 1
Directed by: Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov
Cast: Stefan Denolyubov, Margita Gosheva, Ana Bratoeva
Category: drama

Tzanko is a recluse, a gray railroad worker whose life is a collision of overwhelming monotony, marauding and unnatural. One day he finds a lot of money at the station, which he honestly decides to give... more

14 July 2017

Film 13879 small 1
A bras ouverts
Directed by: Philippe de Chauveron
Cast: Christian Clavier, Ary Abittan, Elsa Zylberstein
Category: comedy

The latest comedy of the creators "For what sins good God?"

Jean-Etienne Fougerole, a rich writer - celebrated on a television program promoting his new book "What a rich cottage!", Invites under his... more

Film 13880 small 1
En man som heter Ove
Directed by: Hannes Holm
Cast: Rolf Lassgard, Bahar Pars, Filip Berg
Category: comedy / drama

Quiet Swedish town. Widowed Ove is reaching the sixties. After the death of his beloved wife, life lost its meaning. Day by day, the hero is increasingly plunged into depression and suicidal... more

Film 12389 small 1
Rock Dog
Directed by: Ash Brannon
Cast: Luke Wilson, Eddie Izzard, J.K. Simmons
Category: adventure / animation / animation / comedy / comedy / family

Full of humor, adventures and emotions an animated story about fulfilling your dreams. The director is based on the famous Pixar Ash Brannon - scriptwriter and director of the Oscar-nominated "Na wave"... more

Film 13882 small 1
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Directed by: Jon Watts
Cast: Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei, Zendaya
Category: action / adventure / sci-fi

Young Peter Parker / Spider-Man (Tom Holland), after a great debut in the movie "Captain America: Heroes War", is looking for his new superhero ego.
Fascinated by the adventures of the Avengers, he... more

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