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Jusqu'a la garde
Directed by: Xavier Legrand

Cinema program "Custody" in Łódź

Cinema   Monday, 26 February
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Charlie 19:40
Movie poster Jeszcze nie koniec
Original title: Jusqu'a la garde
Runtime: 93 min.
Production: Francja , 2017
Category: drama
Release Date: 16 February 2018
Distribution: Solopan

Directed by: Xavier Legrand
Cast: Lea Drucker, Denis Menochet, Thomas Gioria

Miriam and Antoine Besson are divorced.

Miriam would like to receive sole care over her son, Julien, to protect him from her father, who, he claims, is brutal. In turn, Antoine presents himself as a neglected parent. The judge assigned to the case manages joint custody of the child. Julien becomes a hostage of a growing conflict between his parents. Strapped to the wall, he tries to prevent the worst.

The director characterized "NOT YET END" in the following way: "It is a film built on fear. This fear awakens a man ready to do anything to regain a woman who in turn wants to leave him and escape his aggressive behavior. Antoine's character is a source of constant danger for everyone around him. (...) Women who have experienced domestic violence, like the heroine played by Léa Drucker, live in a constant state of elevated ambulance. They know perfectly well that a threat can arise anywhere and at any time - and then nobody is safe. "

"Small, big cinema that moves to the depths."

Barbara Hollender - Rzeczpospolita

"Xavier Legrand discovering the season. His film sticks into an armchair. Viewers leave in silence. "

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski - Gazeta Wyborcza

"It's not over yet" turns out to be a perverse movie, yet mature and devoid of unnecessary glitches. "

Piotr Czerkawski - Filmweb

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